Join the Collective!

The Centre for Women and Trans People is seeking new Collective members from the University of Toronto campus and the larger Toronto community!

Deadline of application: October 29, 2012

What is the Centre for Women and Trans People?
The Centre is a drop-in space for University of Toronto (UofT) students and community members from surrounding areas. The Centre is committed to fostering an anti-oppressive, safer, communal environment through offering access to food security, alternative media, peer support, as well as educational and cultural programming. The Centre is a family-friendly space for women and trans people as well as their friends and allies. The Centre is committed to empowering its participants in their own creative self-determination and expression, collaborating with other social justice organizations to mobilize around the issues of oppression (including, but not limited to patriarchy, colonialism, racism, poverty, ableism, cissexism, heterosexism, monosexism), facilitating decolonization and dismantling privilege, and supporting marginalized voices.

The Collective
A volunteer collective governs the Centre. The Collective is fully responsible for the smooth operation of the Centre and for upholding its vision statement and mandate. The Collective takes responsibility for staffing, policy, programming, services, development, budgeting, and other initiatives and operates within a non-hierarchical model of consensus decision-making. The Collective is especially looking for people with a demonstrated commitment to feminist and anti-oppression politics, strong communication and leadership skills, and experience with non-profit organizations.

Collective Member Responsibilities
1. Actively participate as a Collective Member for at least 1 full year.
2. Commit to 4-5 hours of Collective work per week, including meetings.
3. Prepare for, attend and contribute during Collective meetings 2-3 times per month.
4. Complete annual mandatory Centre training sessions and Collective development workshops.
5. Facilitate and/or lead one (1) committee and participate in other ad hoc committees and roles as necessary. Standing committees include Development and Internal Communications, Finance, Library, Outreach & External Communications, Peer Support, Special Events and Political Action.

How to Become a Collective Member
1. Submit a written application form compromised of a completed Member Application Form, a resume and a half or 1-page Statement of Intent. If the Collective accepts your initial application, you will be invited to attend a group interview.
2. After the group interview, you will be invited to participate in Collective and/or Centre activities for a period of one (1) month. You will then review your experience and involvement with current Collective members and mutually decide if you may begin your year term as a Collective member.

You can download the full application form in .DOC form HERE,
or in .PDF form HERE:

The Centre for Women and Trans People at UofT practices equity hiring and believes that those on the margins are often in better positions to understand how systems of oppression, power and privilege work and are maintained. We strongly encourage people who are surviving racism, colonization, poverty, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, disablement and sexism to be a member of the Collective.