The Spice

The Spice is a social, participatory community cooking program organized through The Centre for Women and Trans People at U of T. Food has always brought communities together, and The Spice aims to continue this tradition! Every Thursday during the school year (or special monthly sessions in the summer) between 12 pm to 3 pm, The Spice invites women and trans people on campus and in the larger community to contribute their culinary ideas and skills in a fun event that quenches intellectual and social appetites.

At noon, The Spice opens its doors and everyone joins in the food preparation. The Spice endeavours to engage women and trans people to initiate discussion on issues that are important to them in a supportive and inclusive environment. Discussion topics have ranged from parenting to experiences of racism and sexism over the course of sharing a delicious, nutritious meal. Menu ideas for the following weeks and clean up are also shared within the group as well.

Recipes are kept with the goal of compiling of creating a special Spice recipe book. Recipes are chosen that are affordable, healthy and easy to make. The recipes are as diverse as the people participating. The Spice is a child-friendly, trans inclusive event that is also wheelchair accessible through Bancroft Street.