Community Cupboard

As part of our growing commitment to food justice, The Centre has an in-house stock of food for people to take. If you need food, take what you need from the Community Cupboard, no questions asked, no need to get permission. If you wish, you may prepare a meal here at The Centre. We have a stove, toaster oven and microwave for heating and cooking food.

The Community Cupboard will also soon begin receiving fresh spring/summer vegetable donations from the U of T Sky Garden, a rooftop vegetable garden that provides organic vegetables for the student community. Each year, the Sky Garden produces many crops, such as fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and basil. For more information about the Sky Garden, visit So don’t forget to check the fridge for fresh vegetables to take home with you or prepare at The Centre this growing season!

When anyone has the ability to do so, feel free to add food items to the Community Cupboard. To donate food, simply leave it on the shelves.

Please help yourself!

The Community Cupboard is stocked partly through partnership with U of T Food Bank Friday from 12 to 3pm @ Koffler House/Multi-faith Centre, 569 Spadina Ave. ground floor.

The Centre is also a delivery hub for the GOOD FOOD BOX Program!