GenderPoo: Exploring Gender Through Art

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm @ Hart House (7 Hart House Circle)

Join us for a fun and interactive workshop exploring gender through art.

Our genders are never fixed, not done, our genders are always learning, growing, transforming. Imagine if you could tell the story of your gender with pens and paper? In this hand-on workshop, you will draw your gender adventure and will use pens, colours and paper to explore your gender, its changes, its desires, its stories. This is a never-ending tale, and you are the hero, the artist and the writer.

No drawing skills are needed, only your desire to narrate your gender story.

This event will be facilitated by Coco Riot, which will take inspiration from their ongoing project: GenderPoo.

About Coco Riot:
A queer Spanish artist, Coco Riot grew up with pens in their hands and dreams of revolutions, friendships and walls to draw onto.
Using drawing as their primary medium, Coco loves exploring storytelling through different drawing techniques. From mural making, on-site 3D installations and sculpture to graphic novels and small illustrations, Coco’s work aims to tell a story that inspire questions in the audience about their own experience, feelings, positions in society. Paying very close attention to narration, sensitivity and the representation of emotions, Coco hopes to create an art that is felt and values the audience everyday experiences of life.

Coco is the author of Llueven Queers, the first Spanish graphic novel on queer life. Genderpoo, one of Coco’s installations, has been shown and used by activist in South America, Europe, USA and Canada. Los Fantasmas, a 16m mural reflecting on contemporary Spanish silenced histories, is being shown in galleries in Canda, Argentina and Spain. Coco’s murals and installations can be found in museums, community centres, schools, and events spaces.

Check out Coco’s work here:

This event is organized in partnership with the Sexual and Gender Diversity Office, Get Crafty! at Hart House and the Centre for Women and Trans People.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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This event is part of Queer Orientation Week at U of T.