Queering Creation: Writing for Radical Acceptance


Queering Creation got off to a great start in November and now that the madness of December has passed, were back full force this January! We will be holding our next session on Tuesday, January 28th from 6pm-8pm.

This event will focus on radical acceptance as a writing theme; What is radical acceptance? Radical acceptance could write itself as an ode to identities; Which ones we chose to embrace passionately and which ones we reject with vehemence. It could tie into the notion of self-love, self-care and self-discovery. Radical acceptance can be seen as working through the tangles of oppression, learning how to do what’s best for oneself, not owing anyone an explanation. Ever. It could pull in family, friends and community members, twisting outside of self-observation and dipping into exterior perception, influence and acceptance.
Radical acceptance, most importantly, is self-defined. What is it to you?

Come write with us as we collectively broaden our awareness and let words spill freely from pens, keyboards and tongues. Come write radically, with rage, with intent, with cool queers. 🙂

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