A peer discussion on navigating the academic system that it’s f***ing you over.

As queer, mad, disabled, chronically ill, working-class, and/or racialized students, school can be a difficult place to navigate and survive in. There could be many reasons why school is a difficult place to be in. AND there could be many reasons why is is even more difficult to access resources that can support us in managing course load and the stress & anxiety we feel around it.

Join us for a peer discussion as students, graduates and drop-outs share experiences, notes and thoughts on anything related to the end-of-term course work. Some of the issues that we aim to explore in this session are:

– strategies in communicating with your professor if you need to extend course deadlines
– how to petition for a late withdrawal
– strategies in communicating with your college registrar
– how to access notes from CAPS
– how other students and community members support each other in this f***ed up time of the academic term

OPEN TO EVERYONE, including students and community members.

If you’ve tried and/or successfully petitioned for deadlines to be extended, accessed particular student services, communicated with professors and registrars and would like to share your experiences, please come!

Refreshments will be served.

DATE: Monday, April 2