Faith, Spirituality and Gender Expression: A Discussion

Come join us as Qu(e)erying Religion and the Centre for Women and Trans People discuss how varying gender expressions challenge our faith and spiritual communities to expand on the dominant and hetero-normative notions of the ‘female’ and ‘male’ gender paradigm.

Date: THURSDAY, March 15, 2012 

Time: 5 – 7PM

Location: Centre for Women and Trans People

Wheelchair accessible through the back entrance on Bancroft Ave.


All are welcome!

A light dinner will be provided


Optional Readings and Topics for Discussion:

Link to Readings:

“Transparent” by Anonymous, page 6 of document

– how do faith communities reinforce dominant socially constructed ideas of male and female? How could these be expanded to include other gender expressions?
– is it possible to refrain entirely from reinforcing gender stereotypes in faith communities?
– how can we support someone in our faith community who questions or rejects the gender assigned to them at birth?

The Vessel by Anthony DeMello, page 53

A discussion of the roles of spiritual thought/practice/community/vocation/etc. in our journeys to come to terms with our bodies. Whether through acceptance or rejection, respect or devaluation, reconciliation or division, all paths are valid and have a unique character as individuals whose experiences of and relationships to, embodiment happen to fall outside of the norm and at least somewhat inside the realm of “transgender” as we understand the term today, in its broadest sense.