Dyke Discussion Group

Coming out? Questioning? New to campus, to Toronto or to Canada? Not sure about queer sex? Want to meet new dyke friends? Need to unload about the latest lesbian drama explosion at Cherry Bomb?

The Dyke Discussion Group is a drop-in group for support, conversation, and social networking for all queer and questioning women and dyke-identified trans people from both the U of T and wider Toronto communities. The group is an affirmative and supportive safer space where we can chat about and listen to experiences, ideas, and struggles that relate, however distantly, to being a dyke. The group is self-directed, meaning that topics for discussion are brought to the group by each evening’s participants. Topics include, but are certainly not limited to, coming out; homo, bi and transphobia; queer politics and culture; and local queer events and news. The group is collaborative and self-directed, so participants will also have the opportunity to visit with guest speakers and plan field trips, if they choose. Overall, the group is a place where we can learn from each other, meet other like-minded folks, and share space and energy with a bunch of queers.

Meets every other Tuesday from 7-9pm

Food available!

Questions or ideas?
Contact the group facilitator, Laura: laurakrahn AT hotmail DOT com