Winter Potluck Party!

Wednesday December 21

Centre members are planning a party to celebrate the start of winter / end of school term! It’s also a great opportunity to show our volunteers how much we appreciate their constant effort and dedication, especially their hard work for Trans Week of Remembrance, as well as throughout this entire term.

Food: Potluck! Bring a vegetarian or vegan dish to share if you can. You don’t have to bring something to attend and we will provide some basics (all vegan): rice & soup or chili & cornbread and a dessert.

Activities: Crafting! We’ll have three crafts: button making, origami, and make-your-own holiday/greeting card.

If there’s interest, we’ll have a discussion around cultural appropriation.

Join us for a fun, cozy night of crafts, food, meeting old friends and making new ones!