‘Femenace’ Blog – Call for Submissions!

‘Femenace’ Blog – Call for Submissions!

The Centre’s volunteer media group has a blog, called Femenace. We are looking for submissions from anyone who is interested in writing content.

We are looking for:

* Opinion Pieces
* Event Coverage (photos; a brief who, what, where, when, and why)
* Information on Upcoming Events
* Article Critiques
* Reviews (book, film, theatre, music)
* Articles About Issues Related to The Centre (current events, etc.)
* Creative Pieces of Writing (poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction)
* Artwork (photo collage, photography, painting, comics, graphics, etc.)

Submissions will be edited by the media team, so, if it’s stressful, do not worry too much about grammar, punctuation, and structure.

Submissions can be anonymous or can be written under a pseudonym if you wish.

Femenace follows an anti-oppression framework and The Centre’s vision and mandate

Send submissions to:

femenace AT gmail DOT com