Join The Collective!

The Centre is looking for new Collective members – this is a significant opportunity!

Note: you do not need to be a student or current volunteer to apply.

What is The Collective?

The Collective is the body that takes responsibility for The Centre. It creates and upholds the Vision and Mandate of The Centre. The Collective governs all aspects of The Centre; including staffing, policy, finances, services, programming, planning, etc. The Collective sets organizational priorities and sustains The Centre’s longevity and health – and works to make a positive impact on the community always!


The Collective is a critical place to come together and creatively and effectively make use of our capacities to make change. It is a great chance to learn more about The Centre’s work. It offers a unique opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with the communities it serves. It’s a great place to develop and apply an integrative anti-oppression analysis into all levels of decision-making.

You can learn:

● strong/shared leadership skills
● consensus decision-making skills
● policy development skills
● financial literacy and management skills
● visioning and strategic planning skills
● to appreciate conflict as constructive to change
● how to share new ideas and practices

The next year promises to be exciting, it’s The Centre’s 25th Anniversary. The Collective will play a central role in coordinating such celebratory work – now is your chance to leave your mark with The Centre.

How do I apply?

Interested? Drop by The Centre to pick-up an application package,
or Click here to download a PDF version, or email The Collective: centrecollective AT gmail DOT com

Have questions? Contact The Collective: centrecollective AT gmail DOT com

The Collective is especially looking for people with a strong commitment to feminist and anti-oppression politics, experience as an equitable employer or experience/education in labour management, financial experience or interest, experience with nonprofits and strong communication skills.

Your experiences with The Centre are important in shaping the space. Please consider bringing your perspective to The Collective.

— The Centre needs your participation to keep The Centre active —

The Collective welcomes the contributions that individuals from marginalized communities bring to The Centre, and invites aboriginal people, people of colour, two-spirited people, queer people, trans people, gender variant and gender queer people, sex workers, working-class people, poor people, sole-support parents, members of racialized groups, immigrants people with disabilities, and people of non-western and/or dominant faiths to apply.