Radical Reads! (Book/Reading Club)

Thursday April 28 from 3-5pm
Refreshments provided!

Join us for the next Radical Reads meeting, where we will be discussing readings with a focus on two themes: ‘Gender Oppression’ and ‘What does voting mean in a settler colonial state?’

All of the readings can be found online (links are provided below) or at the Dr. Chun Resource Library for free pick-up.


Theme One: Gender Oppression

Racism in the Trans-Inclusion Debate by Emi Koyama
This will be available soon at the Dr. Chun Resource Library for free pick-up

Counting the Transgender Community by Nancy Goldstein

Trans-Formative Change, Meaghan Winter interviews Dean Spade

Theme Two: What does voting mean in a settler colonial state?

Why I Don’t Endorse Voting in the May 2nd Canadian Election by Rowland Tupac Keshen

Why Play the White Man?s Game?: Reflections On Being Native and Voting in Colonial Elections by Rowland Túpac Keshena