Trans Film Night: “MADAME SATÔ

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► MADAME SATÃ: is a biopic about João Francisco dos Santos also known as the infamous drag performer and capoeirista Madame Satã (Madam Satan). Bandit, transvestite, street-fighter, brothel cook, passionate lover, legendary criminal and father to seven adopted children; Madame Satã was a notorious gay carnival performer who pushed social boundaries in a volatile time (Lapa in the 1930s). Born into a family of ex-slaves in Brazil, João Francisco dos Santos battled all stereotypes, and was jailed for 27 of their 76 years. Was his “shaving of eyebrows, imitating women and changing his voice to sound female” the real offence? João’s infamous character represented an expression of resistance in this post abolitionist era in Brazil where black people, prostitutes, drug users and addicts and other ‘deviants’ were marked as outcasts. João became a living myth that stood for the values and lives of such outcasts becoming a revolutionary icon for the socially marginalized. Through vibrant colourful cabarets and shadowy streets, marvel at Madame Satã’s intensity, grace and charisma while intimacies, dangers and temptations unfold.

dir.: Karim Ainouz

rated: unrated (2002)

possible triggers: scenes of violence/blood, police abuse, gun use

(note: this film has not been pre-screened)

language: Portuguese with English subtitles

<film running time 105 min>

Date and Time: Monday March 28, 2011

6:30pm – 8:30pm


Location: The Centre for Women and Trans People

563 Spadina Ave. rm.100

wheelchair accessible through Bancroft Avenue

seating may be limited


For info and accessibility accommodations contact: tig.action.toronto AT gmail DOT com


Vegan & nut-free meal/snacks (ingredient list available)

Open discussion afterwards.