Trans Film Night: “Two Spirits”

==>Free Film! Free Snacks! Free Talk!

The Trans Inclusion Group hosts a FREE screening of: “TWO SPIRITS”
co-hosted by the Women and Gender Studies Student Union

Everyone welcome. Allies welcome.

► TWO SPIRITS: In 2001, 16-year-old Fred Martinez was brutally murdered near his hometown of Cortez, Colorado. Two Spirits is a compelling documentary about a life that was cut short for a Navajo teenager who was nádleehi – person with both masculine and feminine essences. The film is more than a story of what it means to be poor, transgender, and Navajo, but also looks at the lives of the friends, family and larger community of Fred Martinez, reaching beyond the violent act that ended with his murder, and exploring issues of gender, spirituality and sexuality.

When, in his early teen years, Fred begins to express his femininity, his mother and family members understand who Fred is based on their traditional Navajo beliefs. They feel pride in being related to someone who has been gifted. What is tragic is how dominant society has much more narrow views on race and gender. What do we do to end these tragedies? How do communities heal loss?

Fred Martinez will not be forgotten. Two Spirits shows regard to the horror of Fred’s death but also unveils this story in a way that unearths deeper value and gives greater meaning to this young life. Featured is rare archival footage and photography of the American Southwest, and a score by Navajo composers. The film and the education and outreach efforts of the Fred Martinez Project are poised to play a role in deepening and expanding the ongoing national dialogue about self-identity, gender, freedom of expression, and human rights. Two Spirits will touch viewers and rally viewers around honouring those who remain true to themselves, and embracing the potential for diversity, dignity, beauty, and strength.

dir.: Lydia Nibley
rated: unrated (2009)
language: English
* regretfully the film is not available closed-captioned *
<65 min>


Date and Time: Monday November 22, 2010

Location: William Doo Auditorium
45 Willcocks st.

Open community discussion afterwards.

** This event is part of “LINKED OPPRESSIONS: Racism, Homophobia, and Transphobia” organized by the Equity Students Student Union, Women and Gender Studies Student Union, LGBTOUT and The Centre for Women and Trans People UT **

This screening is part of The Centre’s week long series of TDOR programming (Nov.15-22). Check the website for full details.

womens.centre AT utoronto DOT ca

Vegan & nut-free meal/snacks (ingredient list available)
For accessibility accommodations contact: tig.action.toronto AT gmail DOT com

Post-event a DVD copy of TWO SPIRITS will be available through The Dr. Chun Resource Library (a social justice library and joint project with OPIRG Toronto located at The Centre for Women and Trans People).