Trans Film Night: “Cruel and Unusual” AND “Red Lips [Cages for Black Girls]”

Free Film! Free Snacks! Free Talk!

The Trans Inclusion Group hosts a FREE screening of two films:
“Cruel and Unusual” and “Red Lips [Cages for Black Girls]”

Tuesday September 21, 2010
6pm – 8pm
SPECIAL LOCATION: Koffler House, 569 Spadina Ave. Room 108
wheelchair accessible

Everyone welcome. Allies welcome.

Welcome to the first Trans Film Night of 2010-2011 (now in its third
year). These nights offer a great opportunity to come together as a
community, meet new people and share in alternative art and alternative learning. Please plan to attend and feel free to help shape the upcoming year’s programming with your input. Look forward to more special guests and local artists.

*Special Event – Trans Film Screening Series – “Prisoners’ Justice

We offer this night in recognition of Prisoners’ Justice Day (August
10th) and in opposition to a summer (and history) of police violence.
This specific night’s plans are still growing so please check-back for
additions or get in touch if you want to be involved.

Cruel and Unusual
This documentary follows five trans women incarcerated in men’s prisons across the U.S. Ashley, Linda, Anna, Yolanda and Ophelia describe their experiences undergoing inhumane and violating treatment including rape, violence, solitary confinement and denial of medical care. Their stories raise very important questions about the prison system, the criminalization and institutionalization of particular bodies, and the relationship between human rights and gender identity. The film asks if the punishment for their crimes is indeed cruel and unusual. These women are not criminal in the way the public understands them to be. This unsettling documentary exposes harsh realities and pain – please be aware that the film may be triggering.

This film may be hard to witness because of the stories of cruelty.
Let’s share in those tensions, uncomfortable moments and pain together where possible and productive. If it helps to prepare yourself for what you will see continue reading this section for more overview: Ophelia, beautiful and bold, cuts herself when left alone in solitary confinement for an entire year. Yolanda, 21, has taken hormones since age 12; after surviving a childhood of poverty and drugs, she is raped by fellow inmates. Rough and tough Linda, imprisoned for stealing pantyhose, performs her own correctional surgery when the Idaho Correctional Facilities deny her request for drug therapy. Anna loses not only four years of hormone treatment but also custody of her only son when she is sent to prison for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

dir. Janet Baus, Dan Hunt, Reid Williams (2006)
rated: unrated

Red Lips [Cages for Black Girls]
dir. Kyisha Williams
Film description and director bio coming soon!

Everyone welcome. Allies welcome.

Light vegan meal/snacks (ingredient list available).

Open discussion afterwards.

* This screening is part of Queer Orientation 2010